Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Art-A-Fair Weekend

My daughter and I went to Southern California last weekend to visit with family and to go to the Art-A-Fair Festival in Laguna Beach.  My mom has a photography booth at the festival, selling her photographs.  It's at http://cordovaphotography.net/ if you want to take a look at her work.  She is so talented!  Here are some pics of our fun weekend.

Here's my mom's booth setup.  That's my mom in the picture, taking a picture of my daughter and niece and nephew.

This is a photograph my mom took a few years ago of my daughter and niece and nephew and it is one she is selling at her booth. 

This is my daugter, Caitlyn, on the right, and her cousin, Trinity.  They both have the same exact teeth missing.  I thought that was funny!

This was a picture taken of Caitlyn and me right by our table in a restaurant inside the Art-A-Fair.  I love the background!

This is a huge house at the top of the hill, overlooking our restaurant tables.

And here's a close-up of the house.  Isn't it beautiful?  I'm so envious of whoever lives here!

My Little Valentine

I just finished knitting and sewing together and stuffing this Valentine Pillow that I made for my daughter, Caitlyn.  She is my little valentine because she was born on Valentines Day.  It is a pattern from the book, "Hollywood Knit Style" by Suss Cousins.  It was fun to knit.  (mindless).

Caitlyn started 1st grade yesterday and this is a picture of her right before I took her to school.  She was so excited to start 1st grade and she is really liking it.  I am so proud of her!