Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Interested in Sewing

I've recently been thinking that I want to learn how to sew. I went to the Santa Maria Sewing Superstore and they have tons of new sewing machines, but they are expensive and I have to wait to take a class to learn how to sew. So I've been looking on craigslist for a used sewing machine and going to teach myself how to sew. I'm too impatient to sit around and wait for a class and save up money for a machine.


  1. I am thrilled to hear that you are sewing. It's a love of mine, although I spend more time thinking and reading about it than I do actually sewing. My mother sewed for me from when I was a little girl until I got married. Your daughter is lucky that you sew for her.

  2. You will like Grandma's Sewing Cabinet and Sew Stitch Create (podcasts)


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