Thursday, July 15, 2010

Simple Sewing Project

After going a while without sewing because I haven't felt like it (been knitting instead), I made this pillowcase from a pattern out of the sewing book called "Sewn Spaces" by Joel Dewberry. 
It seems that every sewing pattern I use, I always get stuck in the middle of the pattern.  The first part makes sense, but as I keep going, I get to a point where I don't understand what the pattern is saying to do. 
For example, this pattern says, "Place folded edge of border flush to cording."  I was guessing "flush" meant "along" the cording. 
Then later on at the end of the pattern, it said, "Right sides facing, pine pillowcase fronts to backs."  I tried googling "pine" for sewing terms, but nothing came up.  So I just did what I thought looked right and this is what came of it. 
This was my first time doing piping, which is easy and fast.  At least I understood that part of the pattern! ;)

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  1. That's really cute I would have never thought to do that. I have made some pillow cases in the past but never tried it like that.


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